Innovative Tech Tools for Remote Businesses

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many businesses to transition their employees to remote work, and other companies offer remote work as a perk for those who want a flexible work schedule. Regardless of why companies use remote work, it’s grown significantly. From 2005 to 2017, remote work has increased by 159-percent. What are theContinue reading “Innovative Tech Tools for Remote Businesses”

Looking For a Business Loan? Know These Basic Terms First

Starting your own business is one of the most rewarding yet daunting experiences you will ever have. Perhaps the most complicated to navigate is the business loan process. Not only will you have to know what you need to present to your chosen lender, but you’re also expected to know some of the jargon beingContinue reading “Looking For a Business Loan? Know These Basic Terms First”

Legally Proofing Your New Business

The nature of innovation is to be creative in everything you do. Even as you look at the bigger picture, you have to ensure that everything is operating well. It is always advisable to prioritize legal considerations as they help set up a business without infringing copyrights. Why do you need to undertake legal procedures?Continue reading “Legally Proofing Your New Business”

Hiring Globally Following the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of today’s workplace. What was once considered a temporary quarantine measure might become a much longer-lasting cultural trend of working from home. With this increased telecommuting flexibility, some employers want to hire global employees. What are the considerations that should be kept in mind? As some regions of the worldContinue reading “Hiring Globally Following the Pandemic”

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