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Meet Jorge Alberto Lloreda

About Jorge Alberto Lloreda

Based out of Miami, Florida, Jorge Lloreda is an international businessman and entrepreneur, as well as the Founder and CEO of FactorBrokers Inc. and Factor Plus. In 1988, Jorge obtained his degree in Operations Management from Boston College’s School of Management. Shortly after, he began his career in commercial finance as a broker with one of the leading brokerage firms in South America.

From there, Jorge worked his way up the industry ladder, securing a variety of positions that gave him priceless experience and insight into the world of finance. When he discovered factoring, he realized that the niche industry held a great amount of potential for growth—and that it was the financial solution a lot of small business owners strived for.

For Jorge, the best part of his career is helping his clients reach their goals. He revels in the every day commercial deals, as well as the more difficult aspects of running a business, such as underwriting and legal challenges. With skills in innovation and the ability to stay ahead of the curve, Jorge is able to face just about any challenge and find a unique way to solve it.

In his spare time, Jorge Lloreda enjoys spending time with his two children, age 22 and 26. As avid skiers, the family enjoys taking their passion to places like Colorado and France to spend time with one another while skiing with a breathtaking view.

To learn more about Jorge Alberto Lloreda, be sure to visit his blog!